The newest addition to the Pizzeria is designed to offer a unique tasting experience in a decadent, yet welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy an evening of Italian-inspired food and drink in the privacy of an intimate and exclusive area, where you can watch the chefs prepare each course. In keeping with the general ethos of the Pizzeria, you will be served dishes created using the finest ingredients, from Italy or East Devon. You will also be greeted with a complimentary glass of bubbly upon entry to start your evening evening off right.

The Chef’s Platter

Once settled, you will be welcomed with 2 rustic boards packed with the finest selected cured meats and cheeses from Italy, served alongside sun-dried tomatoes, olives, mozzarella balls, bruschetta and more.

2nd Course

From ravioli to arancini, expect Italian classics with our own Devonshire stamp. All made fresh in-house exclusively for the Tasting Table.

Browse the wine list or ask your waiter or waitress for a recommendation.


The centrepiece of the evening, featuring two exclusive Tasting Table specials, and the classic Napolitano Margherita. Feel free to ask the chefs any questions you have, except the dough recipe!


Locally made sorbets (Matt Weaver Ice Creams) will be served for dessert. Intense fruit flavours with a light and silky texture.


Sit back with a traditional Italian digestif to complete the evening. A waiter or waitress will be on hand should you need anything else.

We look forward to welcoming you to our newest area of the Pizzeria.