Trained by veteran Italian pizza chefs in central London, Phil and Rob share an intense enthusiasm for all things “dough”. Each batch is mixed with the same care and precision using the finest ingredients, imported from Italy to ensure the authenticity of the pizzas.

The dough is lovingly mixed each morning before being stored at a specific temperature overnight, initiating the proving process. The dough is cut, weighed, and rolled into balls the following morning; a routine that never loses it’s charm. Our sauce is prepared in-house using whole Italian plum tomatoes – the rest of the ingredients must remain a secret, but are sourced either locally or from Italy.

‘Local or Italian’ is a definite and intentional theme to the menu – our specialist flour, olive oil, mozzarella, tomatoes, parmesan, balsamic vinegar, olives and mascarpone all hail from Italy, as does our selection of cured meats which we slice to order. Our pizzas are hand-stretched to order in the traditional “Napoletano” style, retaining a crust, and a paper thin base. The base is topped, scooped and transferred to our 400 degree C oven (imported from guess where…) in an average of 1 1/2 minutes. The cooking time is approximately 5 minutes, including a 180 degree rotation of each pizza to ensure even cooking of the crust – the process is not as simple as it looks!

Temperature and humidity are among the many factors that affect the dough making and proving processes. It is a product like no other, with a life of its own – we hope the final product gives you the same satisfaction that Phil and Rob get from the making process.

If you have any questions or need any more details about the ingredients, preparation or cooking, feel free to pay the chefs a visit at the hatch. Final word from the chefs: “Be creative, mix the flavours and enjoy!”

                                                       THE BAR

With sea views and an inviting atmosphere, our friendly staff will make sure you get the most out of your visit. Our spacious, family-friendly bar and restaurant offers a seafront patio, dining areas, sofas, and a stage area. Whether you are an ale fanatic, a gin connoisseur, or you prefer a soft drink, our taps and fridges are sure to hold the answer. With 3 local ales, 5 draught lagers, and 3 ciders on tap, we aim to quench. If the draught selection does not take your fancy, we have a selection of local and internationally celebrated gins, bottled craft lagers and ciders, wines by the glass or bottle, whiskies galore, and of course non-alcoholic alternatives.

As the Pizzeria hatch closes each evening, the buzz of music and chatter takes over. The bar remains open until midnight every day and becomes a meeting place for young and old alike, with regular events and a relaxed feel. We are able to host parties and even external events, using our mobile wood-fired oven.


The newest addition to the Pizzeria is designed to offer a unique tasting experience in a decadent, yet welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy an evening of Italian-inspired food and drink in the privacy of an intimate and exclusive area, where you can watch the chefs prepare each course. In keeping with the general ethos of the Pizzeria, you will be served dishes created using the finest ingredients, from Italy or East Devon